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Initial Markup Percentage (%)

The initial markup is the average markup required on all products to cover the cost of all items, incidental expenses, and to obtain a reasonable profit. The initial dollar markup is expressed as a percentage. Initial Dollar Markup = (Operating Expenses + Price Reductions + Profit) / (Forecasted Net Sales + Price Reductions)


Initial pricing of a product is an important step in merchandising. The Keystone Method doubles cost of an individual product to arrive at its selling price (2 x total product cost ). The Dollar Markup Method takes into account the total amount of operating expenses and desired profit. These are then broke down on a per product unit basis, which is then added on to the total product cost. This addition onto the total cost is the dollar markup. This dollar markup is either expressed as a percentage of the total cost per unit or the selling price.


Initial Markup % = (Expenses + Reductions + Profit) รท (Net Sales + Reductions)

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